Precious Pets is looking to take care of YOUR precious pets!

Are you planning to travel or just have a need for in-home pet care visits from time-to-time?  If so, here I am!!!

I am a licensed pet sitter, insured and bonded by and a member of PSA {Pet Sitters Association LLC} as well as a member of the Peninsula Pet Sitters Association.  I live in San Mateo and recently lost our adorable 14 year old Maltipoo, Amber, and our 14 year old calico cat, Tabitha {who we loved so much}.  Currently we have our gorgeous black Mane Coon/Persian cat Majick {Magic} {8 months} that my daughter Jill and I rescued.  We have had cats and dogs all our lives.  We are both retired {from the legal field}, responsible and mature, have our days available and can work around your needs. The services we provide are:

Pet Sitting:  We can come to your home as many times as requested per day for relief breaks, exercise and play, food and water, medication {if needed}, changing of litter box(es), etc.  Therefore, your Precious Pet(s) will remain in the safety and security of their home.  Most importantly, your pet(s) will be given lots of love and attention.

Pet Exercising / Walks:   If preferred, we can walk your pet(s) around the block or to a nearby park {time and weather permitting}.  These outings provide lots of exercise, fresh air and socialization.

If you wish, we can bring in your mail, water your plants, and always provide you with daily updates on your pet(s) by sending photos via text and/or email {your preference}.

The initial set up fee is FREE.  Thereafter, we charge:

* $35.00 for 1 pet / per visit / walk;
* $5.00 for each additional pet / per visit / walk;

* $100.00-$125.00 overnights {12 hours +}.

In case of emergencies, I would take your pet(s) to your veterinarian at $70.00 per hour within 5 miles from your home.  Further away, an additional $10 each way.

Regarding availability, our rave reviews and any additional questions, we can be reached at

(650) 245‑7780.

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